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The Laboratory for Precision Metabolomics and Exposomics (PRIME) 

In the News

Check out our featured publication on PFAS and thyroid cancer

Instrumentation and Software

We use liquid chromatography and gas chromatography combined with high-resolution mass spectrometry  for high-throughput, broad range, untargeted metabolite profiling. We have > 2000 compounds in our in-house library for unequivocal identification of endogenous and exogenous metabolites, and have developed software to help us link untargeted data to exposures and health


Our laboratory's primary research focus is developing analytical tools for the discovery of biomarkers of disease and the effect of environmental factors (the exposome) on etiology and disease progression.



In addition to urine, plasma, serum, and saliva we have developed novel technologies for untargeted analysis of archived neontatal dried blood spots (DBS), dried blood microsamplers, tissues, and teeth



Atran Building, 1428 Madison Ave., New York, NY. 10029

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