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Lauren Petrick
Principal Investigator

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Dr. Petrick is an Associate Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in the Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health. She is PI of the Laboratory for Precision Metabolomics and Exposomics (PRIME) and the Director of Untargeted and Targeted Metabolomics at the Lautenberg Laboratory

Georgia Dolios
Research Lab Manager
Dr. Brismar Pinto-Pacheco, PhD
Senior Scientist

Georgia is an expert in high-resolution mass spectrometry, method development, and biological sample handling. 

Brismar is an expert in high-resolution mass spectrometry, sample preparation method development, and spectroscopy techniques.

Dr. Amith Maroli, PhD
Dr. David Achaintre, PhD
Assistant Professor

Amith is an expert in GC- and LC-HRMS method development for untargeted analysis of environmental chemicals in biological and environmental samples.

David is an expert in targeted and untargeted metabolomics in large-scale epidemiological studies of cancer  

Blessing Akintunde
Research Associate II
Jacob Beloin
Research Associate II

Blessing assists with sample preparation and both LC-HRMS and GC-MS data processing of persistent environmental toxicants.

Jacob leads quantitative PFAS analysis  with untargeted metabolomics in microsamplers and plasma using our Hybrid-PFAS metabolomics method. 

Raviya Careem
Research Associate

Raviya assists in sample preparation and chemical analysis of passive silicon wristband samplers for assessing personal exposures

Mara Yella
Research Associate

Mara assists with sample preparation for untargeted analysis and performs molecular biology assays.

Haibin Guan
Data Analyst
Carina Gonzaga
Research Associate

Haibin performs untargeted data analysis. She also develops bioinformatics and automation tools for QA/QC and reproducible research of our untargeted and targeted workflows.

Carina assists with sample preparation for untargeted analysis and performs quantitative wet lab assays for molecular profiling. 

Gary Joseph, PhD, MD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Gary is an epidemiologist specializing in discovery of environmental, social, and biological factors affecting women's and child's health

Check out our team photos here.

P. Shyamalee Dassanayake, PhD
Assistant Professor

Dr. Dassanayake is an Associate Professor at the Lautenberg Laboratory. She collaborates with our team on multi-panel assays of both legacy and emerging chemicals of concern for dried blood spots and dried blood microsamplers. She is an expert in developing methods for absolute quantification of environmental toxicants in biological samples using GC-MS. 

The Laboratory of Precision Metabolomics and Exposomics (PRIME) is an international  group of amazing scientists. 


Together, we speak 19 different languages and have lived in 14 different countries

Former Team Members

Miao Yu, PhD - Postdoc
Peijun Tu, PhD - Senior Scientist
Kathryn Dunn – Research Associate
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